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BUILDING:                                                            ROOM # :                             TELEPHONE #:
Biology Study Lab
ME 418
English Dept. Tutorial Writing Lab   
CO 631
ME Lower Level 1.718.289.5974
Reading & Education Tutoring Labs 
CO-404, CO 407  1.718.289.5625/92 
Speech Lab
CO-738  1.718.289.5768 
Business and Information Systems
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
ME-G 18 1.718.289.5594
Dept. of Social Science, Human Services
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
CO-338 1.718.289.5673
Environmental Technology
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
Butler Hall 207 1.718.289.5935
Health, Physical Education and Wellness
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
LO-310 1.718.289.5901
Media Technology Program
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
ME CO-2 1.718.289.5572
Paralegal Lab
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
ME-303 1.718.289.5635
Music and Art
(Vocational Satellite Tutoring Center)
 BL 301  1.718.289.5341
Writing Center PH Lower Level  1.718.289.5279
Math Tutoring Lab CPH 123 1.718.289.3029
Chemistry Study Lab ME 816 1.718.289.5569
Communications CO 702 1.718.289.5768
Computer Graphics BL 301 1.718.289.5341
History Tutoring Lab CO 341 1.718.289.5735
Modern Languages CO 208 1.718.289.5633
Nursing (TBA) 1.718.289.5428
Physics CPH 118 1.718.289.5380