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Bb FAQ - Faculty Staff

  • How Do I Make My Blackboard Course Available To My Students?
    1. Under the control panel, click on “Customization”
    2. Click on “Properties”
    3. Under Set Availability, click “Yes” to make the course available.
  • Archiving a Blackboard Course
    1. Click on the course you want to archive
    2. Under the Control Panel, click on the “Export/Archive Course” link
    3. Click on the “Archive” button
    4. Click “Submit”

    When the Archive process is complete, you will be sent an email.

    1. Click on the link to the file in the “Export/Archive Manager”
    2. Download the file and save it to your computer
    3. Click on the “Remove” button after the file have been saved
  • When will I be able to access my Blackboard courses?
  • Your Blackboard course sites will not be accessible until your name has been entered into CUNYFirst as the instructor of a specific course section. Instructor names should be sent to the scheduling office. Only department chairs can submit instructor names to the scheduling office. Your Blackboard courses will be accessible 24-48 hours after your name has been entered in CUNYFirst.
  • How do I add content to a content area?
    1. Under a Content Area, select the area where you would like to add a document.
    2. Click on the “Build Content”button.
    3. Click on the “Item” link.
    4. Type a name for the item you are adding (this is a required field).
    5. Enter a description in the text box if you wish (optional).
    6. To add a document from your computer:
      1. Scroll down the page until you see “Attachements.”
      2. Click on the “Browse My Computer” button.
      3. The “Choose File Upload” window will pop up that displays your local and network drives. Find and highlight the file you would like to add and click the “Open” button.
      4. Click the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner.
  • How do I copy material from one course to another? Copy Course
    1. Under the Control Panel, click on “Packages and Utilities”
    2. Click on Course CopyControl Panel
    3. Select destination course (Note: You must be enrolled as an instructor in both source and destination courses to use Copy Course.)
    4. Select the material you want to copyBlackboard
    5. Click “Submit”

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