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CUNYfirst Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

What is the Student Center?

The Student Center is a single point of entry to view a student record. The Student Center consists of three areas:

  • Academics, including registration information
  • Finances, your account history, including an ability to view and pay your balance online, and an ongoing update of your financial aid record
  • Personal information, such as home address

What else will CUNYfirst allow me to do?

Each student has an individual record in CUNYfirst, and only one record. For example, if you take classes at more than one CUNY college, your registration, financial and personal information will appear under your single student account for each college. If you transfer to another CUNY college, you will use your same username and password to access your student account, which will now include the new transfer college information. Additionally, you can:

  • View your complete student record
  • Download and print your unofficial transcript
  • See your complete financial profile, including any financial aid in place for you.
  • View your tuition and fee balance, and pay by credit card online.
  • Receive live information streams and communications that let you easily stay connected.

Can I get onto the CUNYfirst System through the CUNY Portal?

No. The CUNYfirst system requires a separate username and password to be entered after logging in to

Getting Started in CUNYfirst

What's the URL to login to CUNYfirst?

Which browser is recommended for CUNYfirst access?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

How do I get access to CUNYfirst?

To claim your CUNYfirst account:

  • Go to
  • Click "First Time Users" at the bottom of page
  • Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number
  • Click, "OK"
  • Select your Challenge Questions and Answers (five security questions of your choice)
  • Choose a password
  • Click "OK"

What are the password requirements for CUNYfirst?

  • At least 8 characters long.
  • At least 1 uppercase letter AND at least 1 numeric OR one special character.
  • Can't use last 4 previous passwords
  • Can't be changed for 5 days after the last password change.

How do I log into CUNYfirst?

  • You must know your Username
  • You must know your Password

What if I forget my password?

  • Go to the CUNYfirst login page at
  • Click on the Forget my Password link
  • Enter your Username or EmplID (CUNY ID)

Does CUNYfirst work on Macs?


Is CUNYfirst available from home?


Do I have to be on campus to register for a CUNYfirst account?

No. All you need is internet access and one of the recommended browsers. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)


What is the general Enrollment Process for students to complete registration and payment of classes?

For step by step instructions click here Student Enrollment Quick Guide

The Enrollment Process for students consists of the following 6 easy steps to complete registration and payment of classes:

  • Enrollment Appointment - When do I Register?
  • My Planner - What course(s) am I taking?
  • Browse Course Catalog - Did I meet the Pre/Co Requisites?
  • Search for Classes - Where do I find classes?
  • Shopping Cart - How do I ADD, DROP, or SWAP classes?
  • Finances - How do I pay for classes?

When can I register for Fall, Spring and Summer classes?

Access CUNYfirst to see the date and time to enroll in classes. All students will receive an Enrollment Appointment. All students must be advised to gain access to enroll in classes.

How do I Add Classes?

Students may use Self-Service to enroll in classes. Navigation: HR/CampusSolutions Self Service > Enrollment > Enrollment: Add Classes

What is the Shopping Cart?

The Enrollment Shopping Cart is a holding place for students to place the classes until they are permitted to officially enroll for the term. You are not enrolled in classes if they are saved in your Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart does not guarantee a seat in the class. Students must continue the process to enroll and complete the confirmation steps.

What are Enrollment Dates?

Enrollment Dates are specific days/times that students are permitted to officially register for their classes.


Are students able to Browse Course Catalog?

Yes, students are able to use Self-Service to browse any CUNY Course Catalog and select courses to be placed in their planner. The Browse Course Catalog page provides a list of all courses offered at the college. Once a course is selected, the course details can be viewed.

How do I search for classes?

Students are able to use Self-Service to view the Schedule of Classes for a term and add classes to their planner, shopping cart or enroll.

  • In your browser's address bar, enter
  • Enter your Username and Password and then click on the Go icon.
  • Select the HR/Campus Solutions link
  • Navigate to Self Service > Class Search/Browse Catalog > Class Search.
  • On the Search for Classes page, in the Enter Search Criteria section, select the Institution and the Term.
  • In the Class Search Criteria section, select the requested Course Subject, Course Number, and Course Career. (Uncheck the Show Open Classes Only checked checkbox icon to view both open and closed sections)

How do I use the My Planner component?

The My Planner component helps to keep students organized. Students may use My Planner to store a list of courses needed to complete their degree requirements for their program. Students may also assign courses to a future term for enrollment. These courses are selected from the Course Catalog.

How do I view my Grades?

The Term Statistics display term specific data. Cumulative Statistics display all terms data. Academic Standing display the student academic status at the end of the term

:Go to the CUNYfirst login page at https://home.cunyfirst/

  • Enter your Username and Password and click the Go icon.
  • Select the HR/Campus Solutions link.
  • Navigate to Self Service > Enrollment > View My Grades.
  • On the View My Grades page, select the term you wish to view/print.
  • Click the Continue button.

The View My Grades displays the term's Official Grades showing the class by course catalog number, the description, units, grading basis, grade and grade points for the selected term.

The Term Statistics display showing units toward GPA, units not for GPA, and the GPA calculation for that term and the Cumulative Total. The Academic Standing displays.

How do I view my Class Schedule?

Using the Student Center

Navigation: HR/Campus Solutions > Self Service > Enrollment > My Class Schedule

How do I check to see if there are more available?

To view a full list of all sections being offered, you can click on the "view all sections" option, located in the blue bar.

How do I view my Unofficial Transcript?

Navigation: HR/Campus Solutions > Self Service > Academics Records > View UnOfficial Transcript

  • Select Academic Institution: dropdown (Bronx Community College)
  • Select Report Type: dropdown (Student Unofficial Transcript)
  • Click View Report button

How do I change my classes?

In the CUNYfirst Student Center there is a "SWAP" feature in which the courses you request to change will automatically be swapped. You do not need to meet with an Advisor to change your class numbers (formerly known as section numbers).


How do I access my Financial Aid information? How will this information be different?

You will access your Financial Aid information through the CUNYfirst Student Center, under the "Finances" section. You will see your Financial Aid listed there as "Anticipated Aid" along with a description of the aid. Once your aid is credited to your account, it will be listed clearly on your tuition bill.

Where can I find the status on my personal financial account?

Students may use Self-Service to view details of their financial account.

  • In your browser's address bar, enter
  • Enter your Username and Password and then click on the Go icon.
  • Select the HR/Campus Solutions link.
  • Navigate to Self Service > Student Center.
  • From the Student Center page, click on the Account Inquiry link located in the Finances section to view the details of your personal Account Summary.

Can I make a credit card payment for my tuition and fees?

Yes, but please keep in mind that if you choose to make a credit card payment for tuition and fees you will be charged a 2.65% convenience fee.

Can I make an E-Check payment for tuition and fees?

Yes. Students who pay through electronic fund transfers will not be charged a processing fee.

For Assistance

Where can I go for assistance?

What do I do if I have problems claiming my account or accessing CUNYfirst?

  • Check that you are using your name of record
  • Make sure you included slashes on your birth date
  • Contact IT Helpdesk at or at 718.289.5970

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