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Public Safety

Safety Tips

The campus emergency number is

289-5911 or 5911

The Department of Public Safety elicits your help in maintaining a safe environment for all. Report immediately any suspicious person or action you observe.

  1. If there is a concern for personal safety, for any reason, notify Public Safety immediately.
  2. When parking off campus, avoid desolate areas that are lightly traveled.
  3. At night, avoid parking in poorly lighted areas and, when possible, walk to your vehicle with others.
  4. When approaching your vehicle look inside before entering to make sure there are no unwanted occupants. After entering, lock all doors.
  5. Never offer rides to people you don't know.
  6. If there is a concern about an illegally parked car, a car with an alarm sounding, or a car requiring attention (i.e., lights on, windows open) please contact Public Safety immediately.

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