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Parking and Traffic Violation Information

All Faculty, Staff, and Students Must Have Their ID’s Validated Each Semester


This document provides the rules and regulations that govern the operation of motor vehicles on the campus of Bronx Community College, including parking. It supersedes all previously published information on this topic. The full cooperation of the entire College community is necessary, not only to ensure the success of the College’s parking program, but to maintain a safe and free flow of traffic on the campus. For these reasons, failure to comply may result in penalties such as fines, vehicle immobilization or towing, and suspension/revocation of parking privileges.


  • A valid permit is required for all motor vehicles parked in any of the College’s parking areas. Hangtags are sold to faculty and staff. Decals are sold to students.
  • There will be no grace periods. Permit purchase must be made in a timely fashion. Vehicles without a valid permit will not be allowed to park in any campus parking area.
  • Visitors to the College who wish to park on campus must enter through the main gate and obtain a temporary permit. (See the section on Visitor Parking.)
  • All persons who park on campus are advised to lock their vehicles and conceal all valuables; the College assumes no responsibility for vehicles or their contents while parked on campus.
  • Permits will be issued only for passenger vehicles, not for vehicles with commercial registration. All vehicles that may be used must be listed on the parking application form.
  • A replacement decal will only be issued upon return of the original decal for that year/semester, and there will be a $10 charge.
  • Unpaid summonses issued to students will result in blocks on their records.
  • All individuals who wish to purchase parking permits must submit a completed parking application form at time of purchase. Signing the form is an affirmation that the requester holds a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and insurance coverage for all vehicles listed.


Student parking is located on Hall of Fame Terrace across the street from the main entrance to the College. The student parking lot is open from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm, Monday through Friday, when classes are in session. There are no assigned spaces—parking is first-come, first-served. Applications for student parking are available in the Bursar’s Office, Colston Hall—entry level.

Sale of Student Parking Decals

Student decals are sold on a semester basis and go on sale at the Bursar’s Office on the first day of each registration/validation period. There are three decal categories for students during the Fall/Spring semesters, one type of decal for the summer, and one decal for winter intersession:

  • Day & Evening Decal: $55
    Parking between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:30 pm
  • Day Decal: $38
    Parking between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm
  • Evening Decal: $35
    Parking between the hours of 3:30 pm and 10:30 pm
  • Summer Decal: $25
    Parking between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:30 pm
  • Winter Intersession Decal: $15

All payments must be in the form of cash or money orders made payable to Bronx Community College. Third party, payroll or personal checks will not be accepted. There are a limited number of parking spaces; therefore, only a limited number of decals will be sold in each category on a first-come, first-served basis. General policy is that each student will be permitted to buy one parking decal per semester; therefore, all students are urged to finalize their programs before making the purchase. Lost decals will not be replaced. Decals may not be transferred from one vehicle to another or from one person to another.

In addition to the payment and a signed, completed parking application form, students requesting parking must provide the following validated, current documents:

  • their BCC registration receipt
  • their Bursar’s receipt
  • their BCC ID card validated for that semester

If students get another vehicle that replaces the one to which they affixed that semester’s parking decal, in order to obtain a replacement they must: (1) remove the decal to the best of their ability and return it to the Bursar’s Office, (2) complete a new application form, and (3) pay a $10 fee. All parking fees are non-refundable.


It is strongly advised that all decals be properly affixed to vehicles immediately after purchase. Lost decals will not be replaced. Permit holders must permanently affix their parking decals to the inside of the rear driver’s side window.

The adhesive cover is peeled away and the decal is pressed against the inside window—facing outward. Taping the decal to the window or mounting it in any other way is a violation of BCC regulations. Vehicles without properly affixed decals will not be allowed to park in any of the campus parking areas and will be subject to monetary fines.

Note: Article 9, Sec. 375 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law prohibits the placing of stickers (other than those authorized by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles) on the windshields or rear windows of motor vehicles.


The main gate on Hall of Fame Terrace serves as the predominant point of entry and exit for all vehicles. However, the Osborne Gate is open and staffed Monday through Thursday, when classes are in session, from 8:00am to 9:30am and 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

Faculty and staff parking spaces are available throughout the campus when the
College is open for business, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; Saturday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm; and Sunday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. When there is a high volume of parking spaces needed, the Patterson and MacCracken lots are open to faculty and staff permit holders. (On weekends, occasional allowances are made for special programs that run past the College’s “regular” hours.)

Faculty and staff with parking permits may only park in areas designated by the College as parking spaces. Campus parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no assigned parking spaces, except for a small number that are specifically designated and marked by posted signs. There is no overnight parking–the Director of Public Safety must authorize any exception in advance. Applications for faculty and staff parking are available in the Bursar’s Office, in the Evening Administration Office (Colston Hall, Room 506-A), and in academic department offices.


(including non-BCC employees who work at the College)

Sold in the Bursar’s Office, employee permits allow for annual on-campus parking for full time faculty and staff and semester on-campus parking for part time faculty and staff. General policy is that each employee will be permitted one parking permit per semester/year.

  • Full Time Permit "A": $135.00
    Parking for the Year, September-August
  • Full Time Permit "B" for New Spring Semester Hires: $92.50
    Parking from January-August
  • Part Time Permit: $67.50
    Parking for the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer Semester
  • Summer Permit: $25.00
  • Winter Permit: $15.00

Full time faculty/staff may purchase annual or semester permits. However, new F/T employees who begin working during the summer months and individuals who become “first-time parkers” during the months of June/July/August will be allowed to initially purchase summer permits. In addition to the payment and a signed, completed parking application form, all faculty and staff requesting parking must provide their BCC ID card validated for that semester.

Payments may be made in the form of cash, money orders or personal checks made payable to Bronx Community College. Third party and payroll checks will not be accepted. All parking fees are non-refundable. General policy is that lost permits will not be replaced.

In order to obtain a BCC ID, or to have an ID validated for the current semester, all BCC personnel must go to the Public Safety ID room on the main floor of Colston Hall. Adjunct personnel and college assistants who are not also BCC students must first go to Human Resources (South Hall-Room 105) and get
a letter certifying that they are working at the College during the semester for which they wish to have their ID validated.

In lieu of a BCC ID card, special program staff who are not employed by the College must obtain a letter of introduction from the Vice President or Dean overseeing their area. They will present this letter to Human Resources in order to receive the signed certification form to present to the Bursar. Parking permits will only be issued to bona fide members of the College community whose offices are at BCC.

Faculty and staff permits must be displayed upon entry to the campus and are generally placed on the vehicle’s rear view mirror with the print side facing outward. Hang tag permits may not be transferred from one employee to another.

All individuals with more than one car must register all vehicles on the parking application. If an employee obtains another vehicle after completing the parking application, the Bursar’s Office and the Office of Public Safety must be notified and given the updated information. When using any other vehicle, including a loaner or rental car, they need to contact the Office of Public Safety in advance at extension 5923, indicating the length of time they expect to be driving something other than one of their registered vehicles.


Drop Off and Pick Up

All members of the College community who are driven to and from campus (by car or by taxi) are asked to cooperate with the College policy of being let out and picked up outside the campus. To reduce the risk of accidents, all passengers are strongly encouraged to exit and enter vehicles in the designated drop off/pick up area located directly east of the main gate. However, faculty or staff who have documented mobility impairment may contact the Department of Public Safety (718-289-5923) to request a drop off pass. This temporary, special permit allows the vehicle transporting the individual to enter the Bronx Community College campus, proceed directly to the appropriate campus building, make the drop off or pick up and then immediately exit the campus. For reasons of pedestrian safety and traffic flow, this practice is strongly discouraged, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is severely limited and cannot be guaranteed. All faculty and staff who expect a visitor who would like to park on campus must request a visitor pass at least 24 hours prior to the visit; all requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests may be called in to the Department of Public Safety at extension 5923, sent by inter office mail to Loew Hall-Room 510 or faxed to extension 6359. Regardless of the method, all requests must include: the visitor’s name; the time and date of the visit; his or her vehicle’s year, make, model and color; the requester’s name, department, building and room number and campus extension.

Pre-written visitor tags will be held at the main gate and given to the visitor upon arrival. A campus peace officer will instruct the individual as to where to place the permit and then direct the visitor to an appropriate parking area. The visitor pass is valid for one day only and must be returned to the main gate security booth upon departure from the campus.


Bronx Community College employs Campus Peace Officers to ensure the safety of persons and property. All persons using College parking facilities are expected to cooperate fully with officers and accept their directions and suggestions. In accordance with College policy, Public Safety Officers will place “Illegally Parked” stickers on vehicles as appropriate, issue fines and immobilize vehicles. Anyone who repeatedly violates College parking and traffic regulations will forfeit their privilege of using College parking facilities.

Please note that:

  • Owners of illegally parked or operated vehicles are subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, the suspension of campus parking privileges.
  • Parked vehicles that pose an imminent threat to public safety are subject to removal from campus at the owner’s expense.
  • Where applicable, the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and the New York City Traffic Regulations are in effect. Where applicable, these regulations also apply to cyclists.

Classification of Violations
The TR#'s below (in brackets) correspond to the regulations listed on the pages that follow.

Grade I....................................................... $25

  • Driving in an unsafe manner—Endangering pedestrians, property, other vehicles or drivers; speeding. [TR#4, 4a, b]
  • Unauthorized use of a disabled parking zone—Parking in a handicapped reserved space without appropriate credentials, or using a hang tag/permit belonging to another person. This violation is subject to towing. [TR#2]
  • Parked in a fire lane/access road. [TR#3]

Grade II..................................................... $20

  • Improperly parked [TR#12, 12a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i ]
  • Failure to obey traffic signs [TR#6]
  • Failure to obey officer’s instructions [TR#7]
  • Driving on the grass [TR#5]
  • Failure to stop fully when entering campus [TR#10]
  • Driving around or through a barricade [TR#9]
  • Standing on roads when not loading/unloading [TR#8]
  • Commercial vehicle (not being used to conduct official College business) parked on campus [TR#11]

Grade III.................................................... $15

  • Failure to display decal/permit [TR#1, 1b]
  • Improperly affixed decal [TR#1a]
  • Unauthorized use of decal or hang tag [TR#1c]

Note: a $5.00 late charge will be automatically applied to each unpaid fine.


  1. I received a ticket on my car. What should I do?
    The ticket must be paid within fourteen (14) days, at the Bursar’s Office or by mail, or appealed in writing within seven (7) days (see #6 below).
  2. I lost the ticket and don’t know the ticket number.
    In order to accurately credit your account, the ticket number is essential.
    Provide the Department of Public Safety (Loew Hall 505) with the vehicle plate number and they will locate the ticket. When remitting payment, always write the ticket number on the face of your check or money order.
  3. What happens if I don’t pay the ticket within fourteen (14) days?
    A $5.00 late charge will automatically be added to each ticket.
  4. What if I don’t pay tickets received?

    All violators are subject to suspension of parking privileges.

    Students with one or more outstanding summonses will have a BLOCK placed on their records. This block will prevent the student from registering for classes, receiving a transcript or obtaining a diploma. Faculty and staff with one or more outstanding summonses will have a letter of advisement sent to their Department Chair, Director or Dean and/or are subject to collection proceedings.
  5. What do I do if my vehicle is immobilized?
    Repeat violators who have two or more outstanding summonses will have their vehicle booted. A summons is considered outstanding when the fine has not been paid and the adjudication process has taken place pursuant to the College’s policies and procedures. The boot is removed when the outstanding indebtedness is satisfied.
  6. I want to appeal a ticket. What should I do?
    Appeals must be made, in writing, within seven (7) days of receiving a ticket.
    A letter that clearly states your reason for dispute should be submitted to the
    Associate Dean of Administration & Finance, South Hall 211. Include a copy of the summons (not the original) along with your address and telephone number. You will receive a response within fourteen (14) days.


  1. In order to park on campus, all vehicles must display a student decal, or faculty/staff hangtag or a daily visitor’s pass.
    1. Decals must be properly affixed.
    2. Visitor passes must be properly displayed.
    3. Each permit is only valid for the authorized person who purchased it and
      whose name appears on the parking application.
  2. Parking is prohibited in handicapped spaces—the only exception being those vehicles bearing official handicapped permits. In addition to being against College regulations, this violation could subject the offender or owner to an additional summons from outside law enforcement agencies, such as the NYPD, as per the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. It is also a violation to use a handicapped permit, which belongs to another individual if that person is not with you at the time.
  3. Parking is prohibited in all fire lanes and on all access roads. The NYC Fire Code prohibits the parking of vehicles on access roads where such parking interferes with the movement of emergency vehicles responding to an emergency. All fire lanes are clearly marked.
  4. Vehicles must be carefully operated at all times. Unsafe or erratic driving will be cited.
    1. Vehicle operators must yield to pedestrians.
    2. The maximum speed limit on all campus roadways is 15 miles per hour or as conditions allow.
  5. Driving on the grass is strictly prohibited.
  6. Vehicle operators must adhere to all posted traffic signs.
  7. Vehicle operators must follow Public Safety officers’ instructions.
  8. All vehicles must come to a full stop when entering the campus and proceed only after being directed by the officer at the gate.
  9. Vehicle operators are not permitted to drive around or through any barricade erected to restrict or prohibit traffic.
  10. Vehicles are prohibited from stopping or standing on campus thoroughfares, except when loading or unloading.
  11. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on campus except while conducting official College business.
  12. All vehicles must be properly parked. Parking is prohibited in all areas not marked as parking spaces. All vehicles (except for bicycles) may park only in spaces marked by painted white lines.
    1. Each vehicle must be parked within (not on) the painted lines of one space.
    2. Parking is prohibited within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant.
    3. Parking is prohibited in front of building entrances.
    4. Parking is prohibited in front of driveways.
    5. Parking is prohibited in crosswalks.
    6. Parking is prohibited on the lawn/grass or sidewalk.
    7. Overnight parking without authorization is prohibited.
    8. Parking in a marked, designated space is prohibited.
    9. Unless otherwise authorized, students may park only in areas designated for students and faculty and staff may only park in areas designated for faculty and staff.


The Department of Public Safety counts on the college community’s help in maintaining a safe environment for all. Immediately report any suspicious person or action by calling (718) 289-5911—or extension 5911 from a College telephone.

  1. If there is any concern for personal safety, for any reason, notify Public Safety immediately.
  2. When parking off campus, avoid desolate areas that are lightly traveled and, when possible, walk to your vehicle with others.
  3. When approaching your vehicle look inside before entering to make sure there are no unwanted occupants. After entering, lock all doors.
  4. Never offer rides to people you don’t know.
  5. If there is a concern about an illegally parked car, a car with an alarm sounding or a car requiring attention (i.e., lights on, windows open, etc.) please contact Public Safety immediately.


Revised August 2012


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