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Information Technology

Funding and Procurement

Please be sure to include copies of any quotations, estimates, suggested vendors, and sole vendor letters that may be required to facilitate the procurement, if approved. Quotes must list the same exactly matching items only, with no additional items. All quotes must be tax exempt. NYS and CUNY procurement rules require the following:

  • All software licenses (new and renewals) must be reviewed by CUNY Legal, therefore, in order for the Procurement Office to begin the procurement process for the requisition, you must provide the following information:
    1. End User License Agreement (EULA)
    2. Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement
    3. A statement indicating what the software is being used for, who is using, when was it first purchased (previous PO # if possible)
    4. Point of Contact (in the event there are additional questions)
  • If your request includes items that can only be purchased through one vendor, sole source attestation letters from the vendor and your department/office are required. The department/office letter should include the following points on official department letterhead:
    • Provide background information
    • Identify need for the purchase
    • Demonstrate why competitive solicitation is not warranted
    • How did you determine sole source was the best method?
    • Clarify how reasonable price and terms were determined
    • Justify - why this vendor?
    • What happens if the College doesn't make this purchase (as a sole source)

Proposals approved for funding still need to go through the standard CUNY procurement process, which can be time consuming and require adherence to many arcane regulations. This requires your cooperation now and during the procurement process in the following year. Approved proposals that cannot be successfully procured by March of the spending year are subject to forfeiture and the funds allocated to other queued proposals.

The STF committee reviews each proposal in the Spring and assigns one of the following determinations to each: Approved in whole or in part, Declined, Held in queue for possible funding later in the year. The decision will be communicated in writing to each submitter, typically within one month after the decisions are made.

Proposals submitted now will be executed and funded in the next fiscal year. Those funds do not typically start arriving until Fall of that year, and are collected throughout the year (Fall and Spring). While every effort will be made to initiate purchases as quickly as possible, most purchases will not be completed in time for the Fall term, and some may have to be deferred to Spring. Please keep this in mind when planning your Fall semester programmed classes.

CUNY requires that STF funds be expended in the year they are collected. Therefore, if IT or College Purchasing determines that a purchase is not practically attainable in the necessary timeframes, the allocations may be rescinded and the funds reallocated to other queued projects. Proposals are approved only for the items requested. Any subsequent cost savings return to the general STF fund for reallocation. Funding allocations are based on the proposal estimate and may not increase to cover any subsequent price increases.


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