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Work Orders

  • The last page of the College's Phone Directory contains a copy of the Information Technology Help Desk Request form. Copy it as many times as you need or call Ext. 5970 and the Help Desk personnel will be glad to fax you a copy.

  • Help Desk Request Forms (work orders) can be faxed to Ext. 6331 or mailed to Help Desk, Information Technology, Colston Hall, Room 806.

  • Most work orders will be assigned a technician within 24 hours. In some cases when it is necessary to order equipment, a work order might be delayed until the equipment arrives. The Help Desk will inform the user of any delays in processing their requests.

  • Call the Help Desk (Ext. 5970) at any time. The Help Desk personnel will be glad to share any information they might have on your work order.

  • All work orders are entered into a database as they are received. The Help Desk will notify the originator as the work order is reviewed and entered into a data base. Each technician reviews the database for assignments and updates.

  • All technicians are scheduled to handle open work orders. However, we are aware that special emergency circumstances do arise. These cases are handled on a one by one basis. Call the Help Desk as soon as possible. Help Desk personnel will notify the appropriate area of any emergency so that it may be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • All Audio Visual Requests should be faxed to Ms. Pina Martinelli at fax number 6003. Please allow sufficient time for coordination and scheduling.

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