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Selected for Verification

My SAR indicates that my application has been selected for "verification". What is that?

Verification is the process that the U.S. Department of Education uses to make sure that the information reported on the FAFSA is accurate. Some FAFSA applications are selected because of inconsistent information, and others are chosen randomly.

  • For applications that are selected, the Financial Aid office requests copies of the student's (and if a dependent student, your parent's) IRS Tax Return Transcript, W2s, as well as a Verification Worksheet.
  • The information provided by students on the FAFSA is compared to the tax information submitted to the IRS.
  • The information will be reviewed by financial aid personnel and if necessary, corrections are made, and the student is notified of any corrections made and the effect the changes will have on his or her aid eligibility. Reprocessing is usually accomplished electronically and takes about 10-14 business days.
  • Once a student has submitted information to the Financial Aid Office, in reference to the verification process, no further changes to the FAFSA application should be made by the student, unless he/she speaks with a financial aid representative first.


The college cannot make any federal financial aid payments available to a student or process a student loan request until all verification requirements have been met and the necessary corrections have been made.

The college can no longer accept copies of tax returns that you or your tax preparer completed.

Do not Delay!

Complete and submit the Verification Worksheet and all required document to the Financial Aid office.


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