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Career Development

Cooperative Work Experience Course (CWE 31)

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The Cooperative Work Experience (CWE 31) program is open to students who:

  • are currently enrolled and matriculated at BCC in the following Associate in Applied Science degree programs:
    •  Accounting
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Marketing Management
    • Office Administration & Technology
  • have 30 degree credits
  • maintain at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Frequently Asked Questions:


How often does the class meet?

The class meets once a week for the duration of the academic semester.


Can I take the course during the summer?

The course is only offered during the spring and fall semesters, however, you can complete your internship in the summer prior to the fall semester.


What does the course teach?

You will be learning about the following: resume development, cover letter writing, college research, completing applications, interviewing skills, financial planning, job hunting, job retention and self-exploration.


What are the benefits of taking the course?

Not only are you being trained by professionals who will ensure that you develop professionally, but you have first access to the services at Career & Transfer. For example, when our employers are seeking to fill positions, we let you know first since you have already been trained.


How many credits is the class?

The class is two credits.


How do I register for the class?

Your Career Advisor will add you to the class. We recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with your Career Advisor a semester prior to taking the course for internship advisement and preparation.


How many hours do I have to complete for the internship?

You are required to complete 210 hours for your internship -- 10-15 hours per week.


Can I use my work-study as my internship?

You certainly can. However, your work-study must be related to your field of study. This means that you must complete tasks that are related to your major.


What if I have prior work experience and would like the class waived?

The class can only be waived if your work experience has been in your field of study. You must visit the Career Development Office for waivers before seeing your academic department.


I've already done an internship. Can I use that as my internship for the course?

If your internship was completed in the semester prior to taking the course and if you were referred to the site by Career Development, then you can use a prior internship to fulfill course requirements.


I work full time in my field. Do I still need to take the course?

The course is still a requirement even if you currently work in your field. However, you can discuss your internship options with the staff at Career Development prior to course enrollment.


What if I cannot find an internship in time for the start of the course?

Since we begin training students for internships in the semester prior to your enrollment in the course, it is unlikely that you will not have an internship by the start of the semester. If you are in the minority and do not find an internship in time, then you need to visit a career development specialist immediately who will assist you with finding an internship.


Do I have to interview with a prospective internship employer?

Yes. We are preparing you for a prosperous career which includes interviewing with employers.


What if I have further questions about the course and/or internship?

Information sessions are scheduled for all our students. In these sessions you can complete the necessary paperwork and ask any further questions that you may have. Visit our main office, Loew Hall [LO], Room 328, to schedule information sessions.


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