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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CUNY Start a mandatory program at BCC?
The CUNY Start program is voluntary.

“The program is challenging, but motivation and discipline will make you victorious.”
–Daniel. CUNY Start Student, Class of 2014.

“I hated reading, but now I am in love with reading.”
–Komi. CUNY Start Student, Class of 2014

What is the difference between CUNY Start and taking remedial classes at BCC?

Both the college's remedial courses and CUNY Start build the skills needed for college-level study. The advantage of CUNY Start is that study is intensive – 12 or 25 hours a week – and is designed for high school graduates and GED recipients, adults who have been out of school, and anyone who wants to make a strong start in college. Students who use their financial aid to pay for several college remedial courses may run out of financial aid before completing their degrees. CUNY Start students save their financial aid for credit courses toward their degree

Will I have to use my financial aid to pay for CUNY Start?

No. During your time in the program you will not be using your Financial Aid.

How much does CUNY Start cost?

It costs $75 to enroll in the program. We only accept money orders.

Can I do CUNY Start and take classes at BCC at the same time?

No. Since CUNY Start is an intensive academic program, you are not able to enroll in BCC classes during the same semester.

Will it be easy for me to transition back to BCC after I leave CUNY Start?

Yes. Your advisor will help you make a smooth transition back to campus so you can register for classes at BCC.


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