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The BCC Faculty Media Server

Working closely with Information Technology, CTLT and IT have established a faculty media server (FMS) where faculty can store audio and video files. The FMS is housed on the BCC campus secure server farm. The files are streamed using the Flash Video (.flv) format for Video and mp3 format for Audio.

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Login instructions:

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Questions and Answers

I am a faculty member and I have files I want to upload to the Faculty Media Server. Who should I contact?

Faculty interested in housing media (video or audio) files on the Faculty Media Server should contact Albert Robinson at or 718.289.5100 Ext 3063. For security reasons, at this time faculty cannot upload directly to the media server. Media files that need to be uploaded right away should be brought to the CTLT office (on a CD or DVD) located in Colston Hall, Room 226. Media files can also be sent via interoffice mail to Albert Robinson, CTLT, CO 226. When sending media files via interoffice mail, be sure to keep a backup copy of the files.

What format should the media files be saved?

Video files should be submitted in the format they were created in. Audio files should be saved or converted to mp3 format. Audio files not submitted in mp3 format will be converted by CTLT.

How will I be notified once the files are on the media server?

You will be notified by email when the files are ready for viewing. You will also be provided with a web link to your media files. The link can then be posted on a web page, in a Blackboard course, or distributed to students in another way.

How can I learn how to create audio and video files?

CTLT offers workshops on the creation of media files. See the Workshop Calendar. For more advanced faculty development in the application of podcasting to instruction, the Level II Podcasting Option is a possibility. For additional information about the Faculty Media Server (FMS), contact Albert Robinson at or 718.289.5100 ext 3063.


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