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General Education

Students who graduate from Bronx Community College fulfill New York State Education Department (SED) requirements for courses in the liberal arts and sciences in four subject areas: humanities, social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences. Each BCC program meets the percentage of liberal arts and science credits that SED requires for associate degrees:

  • Associate in Arts (AA):
    45 credits (3/4 of coursework)
  • Associate in Science (AS):
    30 credits (1/2 of coursework)
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS):
    20 credits (1/3 of coursework)

The courses that fulfill these requirements are indicated according to degree program for each major within the categories of Pathways Common Core Requirements and Required Areas of Study. Some programs also include some of these courses within Specialization Requirements.

General education objectives at BCC are reflected in the statement that was approved by the College Senate to emphasize general education goals for all students in all curricula.

General Educational Objectives

Graduates from BCC will have acquired and demonstrated the knowledge and proficiencies they need to successfully transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program and/or work in their chosen fields. They will be well-informed, globally aware, and engaged world citizens making a meaningful contribution to society. They will be self-directed and committed to their physical and mental well-being, and to lifelong learning.

General Education Proficiencies

  1. Communication – Use reading, writing, listening and speaking to find, interpret, and communicate information in various modes, including aesthetic, statistical, symbolic and graphic.
  2. Reasoning and Analysis – Use abstract reasoning, including the ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate and integrate information; apply the results; and formulate and solve problems.
  3. Mathematical Methods – Use mathematics/statistics to solve problems.
  4. Scientific Methods – Use the scientific method to understand the natural and physical worlds.
  5. Information Literacy – Use information technology to support professional and academic careers.
  6. Personal Growth and Professional Development – Use continued self–development to examine personal values and civic responsibilities. Navigate college and career requirements with academic, personal, and professional integrity and accountability.

BCC faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students become proficient in these areas throughout all of their educational experiences at the College – from liberal arts and science courses to learning experiences outside the classroom. Consistent use of integrative learning experiences provides students with multiple opportunities to learn from a wide scope of perspectives.


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