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Diversity Calendar

Mission Statement

The purpose of this calendar is to address and support the diversity of all BCC employees. We recognize that by increasing our understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, values and beliefs we can enhance our relationships with one another and hence, become a culturally responsive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

How Dates Were Chosen

Due to the extensive number of cultural holidays, dates for this calendar were determined by the following five criteria:

  1. Will an employee be absent as a result of this day?
  2. Will an employee be disengaged as a result of this day? (e.g., hunger or a negative association with a particular day/date such as a day of remembrance of a tragic event)
  3. Will an employee not be able to participate in a work related function as a result of this day? (e.g., Employees may not participate in Halloween or Valentine's Day).
  4. Are there employees who may not participate in events that are scheduled on the day of an important religious day observed by certain communities?
  5. Does the day provide an opportunity for a teachable moment regarding ethnic or cultural diversity that might not otherwise be discussed, particularly those dates associated with a continued history of oppression, discrimination, or racism?

Work In Progress

We ask for your patience in the event that we have missed any important dates that meet the criteria. If you know of another date that meets the above criteria and should be included or if there is a date listed that does not meet the criteria and should not be included, please contact the Office of Affirmative Action, Compliance and Diversity at 718.289.5100, Ext. 3494.

Additional Information

We welcome your input. If you know of additional resources, please let us know. Conversely, please inform us of any websites that we may have chosen to explain a particular day, which may be culturally insensitive

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Multicultural events on campus

Using this calendar as a tool


  1. Celebrate heritage or history months or other cultural days with speakers, displays, and special foods.
  2. Keep these dates in mind when scheduling classes, work, deadlines, meetings, and events.
  3. Give consideration that a scheduled event might exclude individuals or unintentionally force them to participate in certain events.

Dietary Consideration

When planning lunch meetings and parties, consider that these holidays may be fasting days or involve dietary restrictions. If a dietary restriction is involved, notify coordinators or the cafeteria of dietary options.

Multiple Day Celebration

Some holidays are observed on more than one day and can range from 2-days to a month-long.


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