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Office of Affirmative Action, Compliance and Diversity
2012-2015 Campus 504-ADA Committee Roster

504-ADA Committee

The mission of the 504-ADA Committee is to advise the Chief Diversity Officer (in conjunction with the Office of the President and Legal Counsel/Labor Designee) about disability-related issues, activities and/or materials made available to the campus community. The Committee considers all disability-related parameters to which the College may be subject, including, but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and the Fair Housing Act. The review and recommendations within these parameters is to help assure compliance with them, rather than to limit recommendations to simply meet legal requirements.

Minier-Delgado, Jesenia
504-ADA Coordinator , Office of Affirmative Action, Compliance and Diversity
Location: Language Hall [LH], Room 31

Fleming, Patricia
Committee Member – Office of Disability Services
Appointed: 12-31-2012
Expiration: 12-31-2015
Location: Loew Hall [LO], Room 215

Kirk, Melissa
Committee Member – Office of Student Life
Appointed: 12-01-2012
Expiration: 12-01-2015
Location: MacCracken Hall [MH], Room 202

Torres, Alexandria
Committee Member – Office of Public Safety
Appointed: 02-01-2013
Expiration: 02-01-2016
Location: Loew Hall [LO], Room 505

Shankman, Vickie
Committee Member – Employee/Faculty
Office of Human Resources
Appointed: 12-01-2012
Expiration: 12-01-2015
Location: South Hall [SH], Room 111



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