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Academic Computing


Student and Faculty Usage

  • One-hour limit on all computers, if there is a waiting line.
  • A validated CUNY student ID card is required before using a computer. Everyone must sign the appropriate sign-in sheet.
  • Students, faculty and staff need to bring their own storage media, such as USB keys/drives, in order to save their work. There is no access to the computers' hard drives.
  • When using the internet, there is one-hour limit. Chat rooms, computer games and pornographic sites are not allowed.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking or games is allowed in the computer labs.


  • No software other than those purchased and supported by the college will be installed in the computers.
  • College policy decrees that there be no copying of copyrighted or proprietary programs on computers belonging to the college. This is a violation of copyright laws.

Children in the Academic Computing Center (ACC) labs and lounges

The Academic Computing Center (ACC) recognizes that many student parents are often faced with the necessity of bringing their children to campus.  While children may accompany their parents into the ACC labs or lounges, there are a few guidelines with which parents need to be familiar.

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. The ACC staff cannot be responsible for the safety, actions, or well-being of children. If supervision does not occur the adult and child(ren) will be asked to leave. The ACC staff is not responsible for children left unattended while their parent or caregiver is in a class.
  • In accordance with the CUNY Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources, parents may not log their children into the BCC network. This policy prohibits any holder of a BCC computer account from permitting any other individual to use that account. This includes the user's children or other relatives. BCC students using the ACC computer labs or lounges must provide any child under their supervision with ways to be occupied besides using the computers. Children may not use or touch any of the equipment in the labs or lounges including computers, printers, scanners, or any other devices.
  • To preserve an environment conducive to learning, disruptive children and the BCC student accompanying them will be asked to leave the lab. ACC computer labs are places where students are engaged in academic work. Refusal to leave the lab upon request will result in Public Safety being called and the student being reported to the Dean of Students Office for possible disciplinary action.

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