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The college Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) offers national certification for tutors. The CRLA has been recognized by 800 colleges and universities since 1989. Your certification may be an  important addition to your resume, serve as a credential for a tutoring assignment at a 4-year college, or provide evidence of your background in educational strategies.

Your certificate will be mailed to you on completion of the hours and assignments. Here are the Levels and requirements for Certification offered at Bronx Community College.

LEVEL 1                
Training Time    

  1. Minimum of 10 hours of tutor training or
  2. A quarter/semester tutor training course
  3. A quarter/semester of tutor training
Types of Tutor Training
  1. Class room and/or workshop instruction plus two or more of the following:

    a.  Viewing tutor training video tapes
    b.  Conferences with the tutor      supervisor(s)
    c.  Special tutor projects
Special tutor projects
  1. Definition of tutoring and tutor responsibilities
  2. Basic tutor guidelines
  3. Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a Tutoring session
  4. The basic Tutoring “Do’s”
  5. The basic Tutoring “Don’ts”
  6. Role Modeling
  7. Planning and setting goals
  8. Communication skills
  9. Active Listening and paraphrasing
  10. Referral skills
  11. Study skills
  12. Critical thinking skills
  13. Compliance with the Ethics and Philosophy of the Tutor Program
  14. Modeling problem solving

Required Tutoring Experience
25 Hours of actual tutoring   

Tutor Selection Criteria

  1.   May be established by the department  but  includes

    a.  Interview plus endorsement or      referral by tutor trainer or supervisor

    b.    Interviews plus written approval of a       content/skill faculty

          PLUS at least one of the following
    c.   Grade of “A” or “B” in subject      content being tutored      
    d.   Documented experience equivalent      to “c”

Tutor Evaluation Criteria

  1. Formal/Informal evaluation is in place
  2. Formal/informal evaluation occurs on a regular basis
  3. The results of the evaluation process are made known to the tutor

II. Requirements For Level 2 Certification

    (Note: Tutor must have completed Level 1 certification Requirements).

A.       Training Time: (one or more of the following).

B.      Types of Tutor Training

C.      Topics To Be Covered Includes:

D.     Required Tutoring Experience

25 additional hours of actual tutoring after completion of all Level 1 requirements (a minimum of 50 cumulative hours of actual tutoring)

E.     Tutor Selection Criteria 

F.      Tutor Evaluation Criteria

III. Requirements for Level 3 Certification

(Note: Tutor must have completed Level 1 and 2 Certification requirements).

A      Training Time

B.   Modes of Tutor Training

C.   Areas/topics To Be Covered In Tutor Training:

In addition to reviewing the topics covered in Level 1 and 2 a minimum of four (4) of   the following topics should be covered in Level 3 training. The exact amount of time devoted to each topic may vary.

D    Required Tutoring Experience

25 additional hour of actual tutoring after completion of all Level 1 and  
Level 2   requirements (a minimum of 75 cumulative hours of actual

E     Tutor Selection Criteria     

F     Tutor Evaluation Criteria