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Weather Station

Welcome to the Bronx Community College (BCC) Weather Station web site. BCC has been operating a weather station since the first one was installed in September 2002. The BCC weather station produces real time weather data for the College, as well as for the national and international communities. Students and researchers can greatly benefit from this resource not only in the study of weather and associated phenomena, but also in the related field of climate change and environmental science/pollution.

The new weather station unit is a Texas Weather Instruments Model RWS manufactured by Texas Weather Instruments Inc. The device was installed on the roof of the Roscoe Brown Student Center in July 2014. The station consists of the following features:

  • A 10 Watt solar-powered controller which can run for 15 days without direct sunlight
  • A rain gauge to measure the amount of rainfall
  • A temperature/humidity sensor accurate to within 0.5°F for temperature and 3% for relative humidity
  • A wind vane to measure wind direction.
  • An anemometer to measure wind speed within the range 0 – 199 mph
  • A Barometric Pressure sensor to read current barometric pressure accurate to within 0.1 mm Hg
  • A solar radiation sensor to measure the amount of incoming solar radiation (0 – 1750 W/m2)
  • A lightning sensor to measure the number of lightning discharges per minute. The lightning sensor can detect up to 9999 discharges per minute

These are all attached to a grounded 10 ft iron mast. The BCC weather data from the roof top sensors is sent via a built-in cell modem on the RWS to the Texas Weather Instruments data center in Texas every two minutes and made available for display on the Weather Underground network. The weather data is also captured on a local computer at BCC that contains the Weatherview32 software which formats it for display on the BCC Weather Station website. Archived BCC weather data records are available from the inception of the weather station, dating back to September 2002.


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