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Student Life Event Planning Guide

The event planning guide is designed to help you execute well thought out and planned club sponsored events.

As you move forward in the event planning process, there are some questions you need to address ranging from Budget and Preparation, to Entertainment and Facility.

The little things make all the difference, and in this document you can see some examples of details that when addressed, make an event wonderful, or when forgotten, make the event a disaster.

Think how you can "Go Green" when planning your event.

Easy Tips:

  • Have a recycling center at your event that is clearly labeled and located conveniently near the trash.
  • Use an evite to invite your guest. Save on paper and printing costs.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1Pre-Planning Action

Step 2Proactive Planning Action

Step 3Promotional Planning Action

STEP 1 — Pre-Planning Action

  1. Event Type
    Are you planning a workshop, lecture, fund-raiser, dance, movie, etc.?
    Are you planning to charge an admission fee for the event?
  2. Event Topic/Theme
    How does the topic relate to the goals and mission of the club or College-wide organization?
  3. Event Date and Time
    What is the date and time of the event?
    Check the college calendar on the website at to see if there are any Competing Events already scheduled. Competing Events are other events scheduled on campus for the same date and time you want for your event.
  4. Desired Event Location
    What is your estimated number of guests?
    Note: For outdoor events reserve a rain location and date.
  5. Co-Sponsorships
    Partnering with other clubs, offices, and departments to increase the success of your project.
    • Expenses and responsibilities can be shared.
    • The monthly IOC meetings are the ideal venue to get support from other clubs and College-wide organizations with similar interests.
  6. Roles and Responsibilities
    Everyone involved in the project should have a role and clearly defined responsibility.
    Establish what needs to be done:
    • Assign tasks based on members strength
    • Follow through and hold people accountable for their responsibilities
    • Create a "to do list"
    • Have periodic meetings with team members
  7. Expected Attendance
    How many people are attending?

STEP 2 — Proactive Planning Action

  1. Space Reservation
    Submit a Space Reservation Form in advance of the event date. Forms are available in RBSC, room 309.
    Include details of the materials and equipments needed for the event, such as:
    • Media Equipment (projector, microphone etc.)
    • Podium, Chairs and Tables
    • Technology support
  2. Budget Planning
    Budget requests are submitted each spring semester for the fiscal year. The budget for each event must be formally approved before it can be used.
    Note: Spending prior to formal budget approval may not be compensated.
  3. Disbursement Form
    A Disbursement Form must be submitted to request payment for approved expenditures from a club/organization's approved budget.
  4. Personal Services Agreement
    A standard "contract" is required of all outside groups performing services for your event. Please consult with Student Life, located in RBSC, room 309 for assistance with this process.
  5. Outside Vendor Insurance
    Insurance is required of all outside groups performing services for your event. The broker must provide a million dollar rider for the date or dates of the event, and the form should be made out to Bronx Community College. Please consult with Student Life, located in RBSC, room 309 for assistance with this process.
  6. Facilities Meeting
    A facilities meeting is usually required to review the details for large events needing significant setup. Contact the Student Life/IOC Office, located in RBSC, room 309, to set up a facilities meeting:
    • Be prepared to do a walkthrough of the event
    • Reserve extra time for setup
    • Have all contact numbers available
    • Confirm public safety is aware of your event
  7. Food Service
    Do you need to cater the event? Will the budget cover refreshments?
    • Food services can be purchased from the cafeteria with advance notice.
    • All purchases require formal approval, completed Disbursement Order Form, and a detailed invoice from the vendor. Be aware of pricing, menus and all details for catering an event.
      Note: Donated food items and homemade meals are not allowed.

STEP 3 — Promotional Planning Action

  1. Target Population
    Who are the people you want to target for the event?
    You can promote your events to:
    • Students
    • Faculty/Staff
    • Members of the Community
  2. Advertising/Publicity
    All materials must be posted according to the campus posting policy and must be approved in the Office of Student Life located in RBSC, room 309. Publicize early and use different methods to encourage participation, such as:
    • Create a Save the Date flyer!
    • Advertise on social media: BCC Facebook and Twitter accounts
    • Campus newspaper - The Communicator, located in Colston Hall, room 605
    • Submit event to be placed on the College Calendar and BCC Broadcast.
  3. Duplicating Flyers and Posters
    The College offers black and white duplicating at no cost to official organizations of the College. Color copying is also offered at a cost. Forms are available in RBSC, room 309.

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