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Strategic Plan

Building a Community of Excellence

BCC Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

BCC Strategic Plan
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Bronx Community College’s Strategic Plan, Building a Community of Excellence: 2015-20, is designed to improve student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness. It calls for a systematic effort to promote learning-centered and evidence-based pedagogy across the curriculum and in the activities of all administrative departments. The Plan emerged from a campus-wide assessment and analysis and was unanimously approved by the College Senate in December 2014. The overarching goal of the Plan is to institutionalize effective practice, characterized by a campus culture that: (1) fosters evidence-based decision making; (2) promotes mentoring of faculty, staff and students; and (3) facilitates collaboration, alignment and integration in all college activities and processes. Corresponding with the Strategic Plan, the College has developed a five-year Implementation Plan, which includes clearly articulated objectives, major efforts and expected products/outcomes for each of the Plan’s major goals.


Bronx Community College serves students of diverse backgrounds, preparations and aspirations by providing them with an education that is both broad in scope and rigorous in its standards. We offer students access to academic preparation that provides them with the foundation and tools for success in their educational and/or professional plans and instills in them the value of informed and engaged citizenship and service to their communities.


Bronx Community College will effectively invest in the success of all students by engaging with them in an integrative and supportive environment that facilitates the development and achievement of their educational and career goals. Graduates will be prepared to understand, thrive in and contribute to a 21st-century global community marked by diversity, change and expanded opportunities for lifelong learning and growth.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Engagement
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment

Goals: 2015-2020

Goal 1:


  1. Foster continuous improvement with use of analysis and evidence driving all academic, student support and administrative decisions.
  2. Promote mentoring and professional development at all levels across the College to support the learning and development of all members of the campus community.
  3. Foster a culture of collaboration, integration and alignment of curriculum, student support and administrative processes.

Goal 2:


  1. Promote student engagement, cultural competency and knowledge of college expectations and community standards.
  2. Assure a cohesive academic experience (from pre-college through post-graduation), including clear pathways, organized experiences and consistent communications with clear oversight and accountabilities in place.
  3. Provide efficient, accessible, user-friendly and integrated student services and support structures that address the holistic needs and well-being of every BCC student.

Goal 3:


  1. Promote and reinforce active teaching and learning for application among all faculty members.
  2. Promote integrated faculty development.
  3. Promote and encourage excellent teaching and scholarship (including scholarship-of-teaching) in promotion and tenure processes.

Goal 4:


  1. Develop sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships within local and global communities.
  2. Engage the College (including faculty, staff, students) and community partners as active civic participants and leaders in local and global initiatives.
  3. Expand and develop purposeful campus life experiences for students to promote leadership, personal development, civic engagement, cultural immersion and cultural competency.

Goal 5:


  1. Review, evaluate, update and develop programs to maintain currency and congruence with the College’s mission.
  2. Strengthen program outcomes by maintaining formal linkages with four-year colleges and industry.
  3. Promote mastery of a strong general education in all programs (through the implementation and assessment of the CUNY Pathways core curriculum).

Goal 6:


  1. Develop and implement strategically-focused enhancements to the infrastructure and accessibility of campus facilities.
  2. Optimize use of campus space and resources to support existing and emerging needs and opportunities.
  3. Invest in and use technology to enhance learning, access information and increase productivity.
  4. Protect the security and integrity of the campus infrastructure and environment.
  5. Preserve and conserve landmark campus.

Goal 7:


  1. Build and promote a brand around a learning-centered culture.
  2. Promote pride in BCC.
  3. Engage faculty, staff, students, alumni and supporters in telling their BCC success stories.
  4. Illustrate BCC as a premier institution with branding messages and media sources.

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