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Social Sciences

Liberal Arts & Sciences – Sociology Option (A.A. Degree)

Liberal Arts & Sciences – Sociology Option

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Specialization Course Descriptions


SOC 11     3 rec 3 cr

Introduction to the scientific study of human life as group life. Culture and personality; courtship, marriage and family; religious behavior; education and communication; theories of social stratification and social change.
Corequisite(s): ENG 02 or RDL 02 if required.
Flexible Core: World Cultures & Global Issues

SOC 31     3 rec 3 cr
Race and Ethnic Relations

Characteristics of American ethnic minorities and religious groups, including theories explaining prejudice and discrimination. Intergroup relations, with particular reference to the New York metropolitan area, and techniques for relieving problems in human relations.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11.
Flexible Core: Individual and Society

SOC 32     3 rec 3 cr
Sociology of the City

Sociological concepts of urbanism and community; current patterns of urban stratification and group life. History, spatial patterning, and social organization of urban areas related to different groups making up the city and its suburbs and to the processes and impact of change affecting them. Effect of urban living on personality and culture.

SOC 33     3 rec 3 cr
Marriage and the Family

Introduction to the study of the family as a social institution. Evolution of form and functions of the family and how its structure is shaped by forces in society. Significance of family as a socialization agent, courtship and the romantic love complex, women’s roles and changing family structure, minority culture families in American society and consideration of the future of the family.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11.
Flexible Core: Individual and Society

SOC 34     3 rec 3 cr
Social Deviance

Explores what is regarded as deviant within a society, with emphasis on criminality and mental illness. Deviance from the perspective of the deviant (e.g., the process by which the initial deviance becomes a career or master status). Deviance from the perspective of society, its social structure, norms and sanctions relevant to deviance, and functions or dysfunctions served by those committing acts of deviance.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11.
Flexible Core: Individual and Society

SOC 35     3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Social Work

Nature of social work and its functions. Family casework, child welfare, psychiatric and medical social work, correctional services, public welfare and community welfare organizations.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11 or PSY 11 or permission of instructor.

SOC 36     3 rec 3 cr
Sociology of Sex Roles

The nature of women's and men's participation in the family, at school, at work, at play, and in government. Comparative study of various classes and races of contemporary Americans and their historical and international counterparts. Analysis of the impact of the sexual revolution and the movement for sexual equality.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11.

SOC 37     3 rec 3 cr
Social Inequality

This course is an introduction to the nature, causes and consequences of social inequality, both in the U.S. and worldwide. Inequality of economics, gender, sexual orientation, race and class are examined. The course also includes definitions, concepts, sociological theories and economic systems pertaining to diversity and inequality.
Prerequisite(s): SOC 11 or permission of department.
Flexible Core: Individual and Society

SOC 38     3 rec 3 cr
Social Advocacy

Introduction to roles and problems of advocates in the social services system; nature, need and processes of advocacy; legal administrative aspects of social services programs (social security, welfare, family court); advocating rights of special groups (handicapped, poor, youth, aged).
Prerequisite(s): POL 11 or SOC 11 or department permission.

SOC 92     3 rec 3 cr
Religion and Society

Social origins and phenomena of religion including its meaning for the individual and what functions it serves for society.


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