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E-Permit Information and Instructions

E-Permit Information and Instructions

E-permit facilitates the process of CUNY students obtaining permission to register for courses offered at other CUNY colleges. Prior to taking courses at another institution a student should inquire at the Host College for registration dates and procedures governing permit students.

Please note that an e-permit does not automatically register a student for a course nor does issuance of an e-permit guarantee enrollment at the Host College. Once you have enrolled at the Host College, cancellation of an e-permit does not delete your course registration at the Host College. These are student responsibilities in regards to applying for an E-Permit:


  • A matriculated student currently in attendance at a CUNY college (Home college);
  • Undergraduate students with a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.00
  • A student cannot have any holds on his/her record by hold, Bursar, Library, Advisement etc.
  • A student must meet all Home college registration requirements, such as completed immunization.
  • Courses taken on permit must meet a specific degree requirement.
  • You cannot take a course on permit if you are a Non Degree Student at BCC
  • First semester students / Transfer students are not eligible to take courses on permit their first semester at BCC.

Make sure you apply for e-permit before the deadline. E-permit forms submitted after the deadline WILL NOT be processed. The deadline to submit a permit is the day before the semester begins.

Courses and grades on permit cannot be used towards the "F" policy. Courses must be taken at the same institution that the "F" grade was given.

Please allow ten business days for the processing of your e-permit.
Please make sure there is a valid email address on your permit request.

Once your permit has been approved and processed:

A student granted approval to take courses on permit must check their CUNYFirst Student Center for the registration appointment time from the Host College. Note that an e-permit approval only grants permission to take a course at another CUNY college and does not enroll a student or guarantee a seat in a course. Normal registration procedures should then be followed by the student with the Host institution. You must register for the course approved on the permit form. If you want to register for another course you need to cancel the course you do not want and submit another e-permit for approval.

Courses will be transferred to the Home College and recorded with the grade assigned by the Host College and included in the cumulative GPA. The number of credits transferred for each course will be the value assigned by the Host College and not the Home College. The approved permit will show on your schedule as PERM 11 to 18 (one to eight credits)

Courses that do not have the same number of credits will not be approved (ex. ACC 111 is a four credit course at BCC. ACC 101 is a three credit course at Lehman College. This course will not approved because it is one credit short of the required credit at BCC.

A student may cancel his/her e-permit request at any time prior to registering at the Host College however if the course is cancelled before the start of the semester. An email must be sent to for the course to be removed from your course schedule. Since this course is by permission, student do not have access to drop the course from their schedule.

If a student enrolls in a course at the selected Host College and decides not to attend the course, it is the student's responsibility to drop the course registration at both the home and host campuses as well as canceling the e-permit request. The student must notify his/her Home College of the cancellation before classes begin to avoid a tuition liability and to prevent any academic consequences. E-permit course cancellation adheres to the CUNY refund policy dates and deadlines published in the academic calendar.

Students must complete a minimum number of credits at their Home institution, including a minimum of the major courses, to satisfy the courses in residence requirement to be eligible for graduation. Permit credits are coded as transfer credits since the courses are taken outside of BCC. If you have transfer credits the limit is 30 credits. Any question please email

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