Workers' Compensation




  1. Your Supervisor
  2. The Human Resource Department
  3. Department of Public Safety
  4. The College Nurse

To file a Workers’ Compensation claim it is most important that you notify the Human Resources Office as soon as possible, to complete an Employee’s Notice of Injury form.  The Human Resources Office will file the appropriate forms with the insurance carrier; however, the office needs adequate information in order to do process a claim. (The Workers’ Compensation Division of the Law Department of the City of New York.)  You will be given an updated duplicate copy of your Employee Notice of Injury form.

Within 20 workdays after your claim forms have been submitted to the Workers’ Compensation Division, you will be informed as to whether your claim has been accepted or rejected.  If your case has been accepted, you will be assigned a Carrier Case number.  All parties who have treated your should enter your  Carrier Case number and your Social Security number on all their bills.  Their bills, together with the appropriate Workers’ Compensation forms should be sent directly to:  

Workers’ Compensation Division
Law Department of the City of New York
350 Jay Street, 9th Fl.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201

IMPORTANT:   Not all hospitals and/or doctors are willing to accept Workers’ Compensation cases.  Before treatment is given to you, it is necessary that you inform the hospital and/or doctor that this is a Workers’ Compensation case.  The hospital and/or doctor treating you will be paid for their services directly by the Workers’ Compensation Division of the Law Department of the City of New York.  Under no circumstances are you to pay any medical bill presented to you.  

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