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Frequently Asked Questions)—Faculty

BCC faculty are engaged in many efforts to provide you with opportunities to develop them. For example, to help students develop writing proficiency, all associate degree students take two Writing Intensive (WI) courses in various subject areas that use writing to advance learning. A list of WI courses appears each semester in the Schedule of Classes. These courses are intended to help you build proficiency in writing at the same time that you gain understanding and knowledge of a subject area in an academic discipline. Writing Intensive courses may be taken in the major (Specialization) as well as in Core or Required Areas of Study.

No. ENG 10 (Fundamentals of Composition and Rhetoric) or ENG 11 (Composition and Rhetoric I) is required in all degree programs. ENG 12 (Composition and Rhetoric II) is also required in many programs. In addition to these courses, students are required to take two Writing Intensive courses in other subjects.

Students in all programs take mathematics (nursing students take a computational course in pharmacology). In addition, other courses include topics and units in which students use mathematical skills to solve problems. For example, students taking courses in biology, business, chemistry, nursing, or sociology learn how to apply quantitative reasoning skills in these areas.

Yes. For example, BCC faculty who teach ART 11, CMS 11, ENG 10/11, HIS 10/11 and PSY 11 have designed special units, assignments and projects that focus on General Education goals and proficiencies together with learning in the courses’ subject areas. Coursework in other academic areas is also under development for General Education enhancement, and the College is committed to supporting faculty in these efforts.

Another example of becoming proficient in General Education is using information technology to access, evaluate and use information on the internet. For more information with respect to development of these and other proficiencies within your degree program, you may contact your adviser or degree program coordinator in the appropriate academic department.

BCC has begun a comprehensive program of General Education assessment. Faculty include General Education proficiencies in their courses and assess how well students master them. Course syllabi will tell you which General Education proficiencies are covered in a course and how your instructors will measure your performance in them. Every student will have multiple opportunities to master these proficiencies, and the College will award you a degree after you master them at the appropriate level. So your degree is our assurance to you that you have met our General Education standards.

Yes.  CUNY transfer policy affirms this by recognizing that the liberal arts and science course credits taken at BCC will count toward fulfilling the first 60 credits of baccalaureate programs at CUNY senior colleges. 

The University has begun a new initiative, Pathways to Degree Completion, which will introduce a Common Core totaling 30 credits throughout CUNY.   All CUNY undergraduates will be required to complete the 30-credit Common Core in order to graduate with an AA or AS degree.  AAS students who have completed courses in the Core will be certified as having achieved either partial or full completion of the Core, depending upon their curriculum. 

The CUNY Pathways initiative will ensure transfer of BCC's General Education courses throughout the University.  Information about implementation of this initiative, including identification of the courses that will be selected for the Common Core, will be provided as it becomes available.  In the meantime, all new and continuing students at BCC will continue to meet degree requirements as specified in the BCC Catalog effective in their semester of entry.

Articulation agreements for many of BCC's programs provide seamless transfer of all courses to selected CUNY senior colleges.  For more information, see http://www.bcc.cuny.edu/TransferCounseling/.


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