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ENG 01 – English 01 Final Exam Information

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All students enrolled in English 01 must take a departmental final exam, which is administered during the first 75 minutes of the English 01 exam period. The exam question raises two possible positions you might take on a particular issue. You are asked to choose one position and to write an essay that explains and supports that choice.

Bronx Community College
of The City University of New York
Department of English

Final Examination
Form Dinwiddie 1


You have one hour and fifteen minutes to plan, write, and proofread an essay on the subject below. At least two evaluators will read your essay for

  • clear and correct sentences
  • clear organization so that a reader will understand your ideas.

Plan and organize what you write. Leave time

  • to cross out and add information as necessary
  • to correct fragments and run-ons
  • to correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • to pay special attention to word forms, especially endings such as ed, s, 's.

You may use a dictionary if you wish.


Some people feel that happiness depends on a good family life. They think that being married and having children is essential for a happy life. Other people feel that it is more important to have satisfying work. They think that having meaningful work and a decent salary are necessary to be happy. Do you think that happiness depends on a person's family life or their job? Choose one and explain your answer.

You must pass the English 01 Exam to pass English 01.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the English 01 exam.

  1. If I have been doing passing work all semester but I fail the 01 exam, do I fail English 01?

    YES. You must pass the English 01 Exam in order to pass English 01. No matter how well you have been doing in English 01 throughout the semester, if you do not pass the English 01 exam, you do not pass English 01. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  2. Is it possible to fail English 01 even though I passed the English 01 exam?

    YES. Though it does not happen often, it is possible that your performance all semester has been so poor that, even after passing the English 01 exam, you do not have enough points to pass the class. The most common reason for failing English 01 despite passing the English 01 exam is undone class work or homework (often the result of missed classes). You will need to discuss your options with your English 01 instructor and, possibly, with the English Department Chairperson.

  3. How long is the English 01 exam?

    You will write your English 01 exam during the first hour and fifteen minutes of the two-hour final exam period.

  4. May I use a dictionary?

    YES. You should bring your own dictionary to the exam. You may not borrow a dictionary from another student.

  5. May I use scrap paper?

    NO. The exam booklet contains more than enough paper for scrap and for writing the exam.

  6. Will my instructor grade my exam?

    NO. The exam is graded by other English Department faculty, not your instructor. When all the exams have been graded, they are returned to your instructor for review and determination of final grades.

  7. How is my exam graded?

    Your exam will be read by at least two faculty members. Each of the two evaluators will assign one of the following grades to your essay: F for "Fail," P for "Pass," or P+ for "Pass Plus" (see Question 8, below). If the two readers agree in their grading, your essay will not need any more evaluation. If both readers give your essay a grade of F, you fail the exam. If both readers give you a grade of P or P+, you pass the exam. If, however, the readers disagree, then a third faculty member will read your exam and assign it either an F, P, or P+ grade. The two matching grades will determine whether the essay passes or fails. For example, the first reader may give your exam a P, and the second reader may give your exam an F. Because the readers disagree, a third reader evaluates your essay and gives it a P. Your grade is P/F/P, and because the two matching grades are P, your exam passes.

  8. What happens if I get two P+ grades on my exam?

    If your exam is graded P+/P+, you will be contacted by the English Department and invited to take a CATW workshop during the break between semesters. At the end of the workshop, you will take the CATW writing exam. If you pass the CATW writing exam, you will be promoted to English 111 (if you have also passed the ACT reading exam). If you do not pass the CATW writing exam, you will be promoted to English 02 or 10, depending on your CATW scores.

  9. What if I receive one passing grade on my exam (F/P/F or P/F/F)?

    If your exam receives a failing split score (F/P/F or P/F/F), you may be invited to attend a free workshop during the break between semesters. Only the Director of the Intersession Workshops can decide whether you are eligible: your instructor cannot assign you to an intersession workshop. If you are eligible for a workshop, you will be contacted at the phone number(s) you indicated on your exam booklet. There is no other way for students to enter an intersession workshop. Do not ask your instructor, the English Department secretaries, or the Chairperson to assign you to a workshop. The best thing to do is to stay near the telephone and wait for someone to contact you.


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