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Course Descriptions

Four levels of reading unit courses are presently offered in the following sequence: RDL 01 (Basic Reading Skills), RDL 02 (Reading and Study Skills), RDL 11 (College Reading and Study Skills), and RDL 21 (Reading in the Sciences and Technologies). There is also LTL 10 (Learning to Learn), which addresses the needs of students facing probationary dismissal.

All faculty adhere to the same objectives at each level. There are standardized textbooks, and a standardized exit exam for each course. Flexibility, however, is allowed in terms of course materials and customized syllabi.

LTL 10     3 rec 3 cr
Learning to Learn

This course gives students a structured supportive context in which to improve upon their knowledge and application of a range of skills related and critical to college success. Designed to address the needs of students on probation, this course is structured to raise the learnerÂ’s awareness and mastery of identifiable obstacles that have a negative impact on academic performance. The course addresses a variety of competencies including personal growth and professional development so as to facilitate a shift in perspective that ultimately leads to greater academic success. This is a three-credit course.

Prerequisite(s): RDL 02 if required. Corequisite(s): Content area course recommended for probationary students or as an elective.

RDL 01     5 rec
Basic Reading Skills

A non-credit course that emphasizes basic reading and study skills. The course focuses on the development of vocabulary, comprehension and study skills in dealing with expository text material; and increasing background knowledge and interest in reading. Collaborative learning groups are utilized. The course culminates with a uniform mastery test.

RDL 02     5 rec
Reading and Study Skills

A non-credit course that emphasizes reading and learning strategies essential for analytical and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to view reading as a thinking process. The ultimate goal is to develop successful independent learners who can cope with the demands of college level courses and transfer study strategies to these courses.

Prerequisite(s): RDL 01 or as required by placement scores..

RDL 05     3 rec
Basic Reading for ESL Students

A non-credit course that was especially developed for non-English dominant students who concurrently take an ESL course. Students read and discuss selected materials of high interest and low readability. Students who pass this course continue in the RDL 01 to RDL 02 sequence.

Prerequisite(s): Registration only by Department placement.

RDL 11     2 rec 2 cr
College Reading and Study Skills

This is a two-credit course. Analytical and critical reading skills are applied to a wide array of academic topics. Students who are exempted from the remedial reading sequence, but have scored 85 or less on the placement reading tests, are encouraged to take this course.

RDL 21     3 rec 3 cr
Reading in the Sciences and Technologies

This three-credit course was initiated at the request of the Nursing Department. The course assists students with increasing technical reading comprehension and developing vocabulary enhancement skills relevant to the medical and scientific fields. The course also assists students with study skills useful in demonstrating critical and evaluative comprehension to the level needed for entry in the nursing and other technology programs.


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