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Criminal Justice

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 11 – 3 lec 3 cr

This course familiarizes students with the American criminal justice system. The course introduces students to the theories, concepts and ways of measuring crime. It introduces students to the three main institutions of the criminal justice system: the police, the courts and corrections. Emphasis is placed on the criminal justice process and how the various institutions of criminal justice interact.

Pre or Co-requisite: ENG 2 or RDL 2, if required.
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Introduction to Criminology

CRJ 21 – 3 lec 3 cr

This course introduces students to the subject of criminology by discussing the main theoretical perspectives and issues in this field. It explores theories and empirical research used to understand deviant and criminal behavior. It focuses on the problems associated with the definition and measurement of criminal and deviant behavior. Applications of these theories to practice and in policy are discussed.

Pre-requisites: CRJ 11 & SOC 11; Co-requisites: ENG 2 or RDL 2, if required.


Introduction to Policing

CRJ 22 – 3 lec 3 cr

This course examines the role of policing in American society, including the study of the historical evolution of the concepts and methods of policing. It analyzes the effectiveness of law enforcement techniques to control crime and disorder. This course also examines police field behavior, issues that police departments encounter today and accountability measures taken to address such issues.

Pre-requisites: CRJ 11; Co-requisites: ENG 2 or RDL 2, if required.


Introduction to Corrections

CRJ 23 – 3 lec 3 cr

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the American corrections system. The course will introduce students to an overview of current institutional practices, policies, theories and legal issues. This course focuses on the field of corrections including a review of the historical development of crime and corrections, sentencing, jails, prisons, correctional policies, agencies, prison life and challenges facing correctional populations. It will further explore the principles and practices of treatment accorded to offenders in various types of correctional settings.

Pre-requisites: CRJ 11


Criminal Law and Procedures

LAW 65 – 3 lec 3 cr

This course provides understanding of basic distinctions between criminal and civil law; familiarization with criminal justice system; major stages of a criminal case.

Corequisite: ENG 2 or RDL 2 if required.


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