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Bronx Community College
Social Media Guidelines

Bronx Community College (“BCC”) welcomes and encourages active participation by students, faculty, staff and visitors on the BCC Facebook page and other BCC-sponsored social media platforms. The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for the official oversight of all social media operating officially under the BCC name.

This Fall 2015 semester, in conjunction with the Offices of the President, Information Technology, and Legal Affairs, the Office of Communications and Marketing will be presenting a draft of a comprehensive Social Media Policy for review, discussion and consideration by the College Senate. Such a policy would be intended to respect academic freedom and open expression of all points of view, while protecting BCC’s reputation; safeguarding the privacy and legal rights of students, staff, faculty, alumni and other constituents affiliated with BCC; and upholding general standards of appropriate and professional content that are in keeping with BCC’s mission and values. We hope that you will participate in this process by providing feedback and comments throughout the review and discussion process in the Senate.

Between now and the implementation of any new policy, we wish to remind those who utilize the BCC Facebook page or any other BCC-sponsored social media platforms of the importance of exercising discretion and professionalism in the use of these forums. The following are some things to keep in mind when posting:

  • CUNY and BCC have policies prohibiting sexual or other harassment, bullying, bigotry, defamation and threats. Posting content that falls into one of these categories may subject you to disciplinary action by CUNY or BCC.
  • Please refrain from using profanity and similarly inappropriate language, as BCC is sponsoring professional and not personal or private social media pages.
  • Please refrain from posting confidential or private information (including photographs and video) about any individual without his or her permission. Some information is protected and failing to protect covered.
  • Information may subject you to disciplinary action by CUNY or BCC.
  • Please refrain from posting any content that violates copyright and trademark laws.
  • While you may disagree with the views of others, please refrain from personal attacks or invective.
  • Please refrain from spreading gossip, rumors or otherwise unverified information.
  • Please refrain from promoting any illegal activity or selling any items on the BCC social media platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns about these preliminary guidelines, please contact me at or via phone 718.289.5770.


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