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Troubleshooting Tips

In order to identify the issue with your wireless connection, a series of steps must be taken. Problems can be caused by variety of reasons ranging from faulty equipment, wrong protocol configuration, and user account.. Below is a series of questions that will allow you to identify the problem. The information below is orientated towards a Windows based installation using a Cisco Aironet wireless adapter but much of the information is applicable to all installations.

Please make sure that you are in an area where a wireless network is setup. Check the BCC-WNET and BCC-NET coverage map.

Issues encounter may be resolved by contacting the Technology Service Center. If you are instructed to contact them, you can do via email at or by phone at ext. 5970.

Are you able to reach the BCC login authentication web page? If you are able to reach the login page, then your wireless connection may be working. If you are able to reach this page but you are unable to login then the problem is most likely with your BCC user account. Contact the Technology Service Center for assistance with your account.

Are you unable to reach the BCC login authentication web page? If you have opened your web browser but you do not see the main BCC login screen then try refreshing the browser by holding down the Shift key and pressing the 'Reload' button in the browser. This should force a complete reload of the web browser and if everything else is operating correctly should bring up the authentication web page. You can also try closing the browser and reopening it.

Are you able to associate with a wireless Access Point? If you open the client configuration utility on your computer you should be able to tell whether or not you are able to 'see' a wireless Access Point. This of course requires that you be in an area that has wireless coverage. Please check BCC-WNET and BCC-NET coverage map. At the bottom of the utility window it will either tell you that you are not associated or it will tell you that your are associated and it will list the name of the Access Point your are attached to. If you are associated to an Access Point then your wireless card is most likely operating correctly.

Do you have the wireless adapter inserted in your computer? The obvious way to check this is to look and make sure you have inserted your wireless adapter into your computer. If you try to open up the client configuration utility and the adapter is not inserted it will give you an error message indicating that the adapter is not present.

Do you have incorrect information in your wireless client configuration? You can examine the current configuration of your wireless client by opening the client configuration utility and selecting properties from the menus at the top of the window. This area allows you to configure settings such as the Service Set Identifier (SSID), power output, and if WEP/WPA/WPA2 is to be used or not.

You should not have any entries for SSID. The campus configuration broadcasts the SSID value which the client should detect and use automatically. If you have a specific SSID entered it may prevent you from attaching to the campus system. In some cases users may have an SSID entered here if they were using their wireless connection somewhere else (home, office, another campus, etc.) It is also possible that some client adapters may require and SSID (which they may also call a Network Identifier or some similar term). If for some reason you need to have this set the campus system is using an SSID of BCC-WNET or BCC-NET. The Cisco client allows the entry of multiple SSID entries so you would then enter the SSIDs of the other systems you intend to access as well. Other brands of clients may organize these settings by profiles.

The setting for WEP security should be turned off. If you have WEP enabled you will not be able to be able to associate with the campus system as they are not configured to use WEP encryption.

Is your wireless adapter turned on?Open your client configuration utility and make sure your wireless adapter is turned on. If your adapter is turned off the bottom of the client window will indicate this condition. If it is off, select the setting from the main menu that says 'Turn Radio On'.

Do you have the protocols configured correctly? Please check the Wireless Standards.
If you are still unable to resolve your problems you should try to contact the Technology Service Center for assistance.

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